Updated 08.04.2024


Photo by Silje Bergum Kinsten - norden.org

The Group prepares a strategic framework for the coming years. The strategic framework must be approved by the Committee of Senior Officials for Health and Social Affairs (EK-S). The same is for any major amendment to the approved strategic framework proposed by the Svalbard Group. 

As outlined in the mandate of the Nordic Health Preparedness Group, (Svalbard Group), the Group is tasked with developing a strategic framework for the years to come.

This strategic framework requires approval from the Nordic Committee for Senior Officials for Health and Social Affairs (EK-S) whereby in September 2017 EK-S approved the Group´s 10-year strategy.

In 2022, the Svalbard Group initiated the scheduled mid-term revision of the strategy. The revision was achieved collaboratively through several steps which included assessing the progress made in the last 5 years, taking into consideration global events such as the pandemic, collecting assessments from each country, conducting a physical workshop and several virtual meetings. The strategy revision was finalized in Q3 2023 and approved by EK-S on September 27, 2023. It remains effective until 2028, with a scheduled final review at that time.

The revision was conducted using the Objectives, Key Results (OKR) framework to define objectives, key results, and initiatives necessary to achieve the vision statement.

“The Svalbard Group contributes to ensure effective crisis management for health preparedness, (and social services) in the Nordic region.”

The revised strategy´s four objectives are concrete, action oriented and frame key elements to organize the group´s efforts for the remaining strategy period. Regular reviews will be performed, and adjustments made as necessary. Each of the four objectives align with the Societal Security Chain , and the strategic themes are: Prepare, Respond, Learn, and Knowledge. The objectives are as follows:

  1. Prepare – The Svalbard Group enables joint crisis preparedness in order to strengthen health and social services in the Nordic countries.
  2. Respond – The Svalbard Group facilitates assistance in the area of health and social services in the Nordic countries during crisis using an all-hazards approach.
  3. Learn – The Svalbard Group facilitates competence building by sharing experiences and learning from crisis events and preparedness planning.
  4. Knowledge – The Svalbard Group emphasizes the importance of sharing relevant information, including from international forums (EU, WHO, NATO, etc) and collaborations to enable better preparedness and response to emergencies and crises in the Nordic countries.

Photo by Silje Bergum Kinsten – norden.org